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Bubble availability

On August 31st AWS had a major issue which contributed to reliability issues with Throughout that day I kept checking at different parts of the day and I can attest that bubble editor was either not available or was misbehaving. Similarly my application was not accessible either.

Today when I was checking it is only showing 1 minute major outage and no minor outage.

How are major and minor outages defined and can we explain the difference in anectodal experience as well as aws outage vs what is reported on

I have invested heavily in building my app on bubble. The only thing that keeps me up about my choice is the reliability element of the platform. This will really help me broaden my understanding about it.

Hey @omersm :wave:

Thanks for the thoughtful question! This falls more in the scope of our engineering team, but I wanted to get an answer to you over the weekend. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly during the week and we can get some more detailed answers for you. (Best contact method is [email protected])

We’re always working to better learn & document exactly how / when things are categorized a certain way. As it stands today, I know our foremost priority during an outage of any kind is to respond as quickly as possible, and communicate throughout, with categories being applied based on knowledge at the time. In general terms, which category we apply is usually the result of answering the following questions: Were any apps or editors completely inaccessible? What percentage of apps/editors were impacted? And, to what level were they impacted? Accurate answers to these questions provide the basis for how and why an outage is categorized a particular way.

Thanks again for the question! And, don’t hesitate to email us directly at [email protected] if this kicks up any additional questions for you.