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Is it possible for the plugin to allow more that one instance of the “query connector” block please ?

I want to query several different connectors, but I can only set up a single one. Unlike other blocks, the connector id makes a single instance very different to another.

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Not right now, that will be for the new year

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Great, thanks. Will watch out for it

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Hi, sorry to bother you again.
I’d like to use for collecting a searched result from a website and after passing some input data received from users on our web app. And wish to know how I can connect in bubble?
To be more specific,
I want to menu called “Hotel” and when the user clicks it,
there will be a input prompt for the user as shown in,
and when the user puts in location, checkin date, checkout date and guests and clicks search,
then the will search hotels with these data then the bubble will grab these data to display on my website.
My first question is how can I pass on the data to in bubble?
Could you please help me on this?
Thank you so much reading my message.

Are you trying to run a connector…or the macro style connector (I forget the name).

When I last looked only connectors are available via API.

So a URL not a search term in a box.

I think you may have to schedule a scrape and then filter.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do.
Trying to work the connector out from first,
then will use filters like you said.

It’d be good if there is some sort of introduction on how I can do this.
Will try to work it out though.

Thanks a lot.

I export my data to csv, tidy it up and upload to bubble.

Someone was trying to connect to a recently and was having issues, so might be worth having a search.

All right, that sounds workable.

I will try to do that way.

Thank you so much ! Really appreciate it!

I use quite a lot, and will eventually move to API rather than files. So give me a shout if you need some help, it will be useful for me too.

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Thanks for the support!

I will keep you posted.