Bubble Calendar Bug?

Hey Guys,

So i found something strange. Not sure if this is a bug or am i expecting something different. The problem is when i have a calendar view displaying events. I have a form filled out to select an employee from the available list of employees. Then i have a calendar conditional rule saying if the users role is employee as opposed to manager, only show the calendar events that involve him. I do this by conditional rule. When that rule is active, i selected to change data source of calendar to do a search for the same info but the field employee assigned “contains” current user’s full name. For some reason this only works if that field (employee assigned) is the exact same name as the employee.

For example, the employee name is John Hill. it cannot say John Hill & Mary Hill. or be lowercase. or have any extra spaces or anything.

I feel like that condition is acting as an “is” condition and not “contains”. does this make any sense? i can make an example if needed…

Contains to me means as long as his name is listed somewhere in that entry, it should recognize it. even if its “hsadfjhsdf John Hill jkhsjhsdf”


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