Bubble can't retrieve "A" DNS records

I have all my DNS records configured with Godaddy and the DNS checker shows they are active and working.

Why is Bubble not picking them up? I am so confused…any suggestions to help get my app live is super appreciated.

How long ago did you do it?

Its been 36 hours. When you go to “app.podspect.com” it seems like it knows that the app is there because I get the Bubble favicon and just a blank white screen.

Any thoughts?

For me this shows a Vercel app placeholder. I can also see you still have a DNS record configured to point to You should get rid of that.

I thought Bubble asked me to create the “” record which is why I am getting the error?

You’re saying to delete those two records and just have the 4 “A” records bubble showcases in my settings?

Yes then wait a few hours and if that doesn’t work contact support

What is the purpose of deleting them? For my own education :slightly_smiling_face: is telling the user’s browser to go somewhere else that isn’t Bubble.

Thanks. I deleted the records. Will it take some time to update?

The subdomain still points to a blank page.

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