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Bubble checks a database field incorrectly

Here’s the scenario:

  • User can create an account for the website
  • Default value current user’s native field = no i.e. by default the current user is labeled as native = no
  • If current users meets certain conditions while signing up, a workflow changes current user’s native field to = yes

Here’s the problem:

When I ask bubble to tell me whether current logged in user is native or not, Bubble evaluates it incorrectly and tells me current user’s native = no when in reality I know that current user’s native = yes.


Here’s the app data proving that this user’s native = yes

Here I ask Bubble to check if current user’s native equals yes or no. Why is bubble giving me the wrong answer about the current user??

@cdorozco16 If you have already checked that current user matches, please submit a bug report.

I have similar problem for ‘is logged in’ conditionals not working correctly.
While ‘isn’t logged in’ is working correctly.

I figured it out!!!

I had the native field unchecked under privacy rules therefore the user couldnt access that field info. Once I checked it, everything worked perfectly!