Bubble Competitor?

I came across infinable.io a while back. It’s looks quite promising, but it’s still in beta. Plus, there’s not yet a way to use REST API’s, which are necessary for my needs. I like the look of their workflow editor though.

Anyone have any experience with it or thoughts to share?


It was only a matter of time before similar products started showing up. They seem to copy a lot of the terminology that Bubble uses (e.g. Thing, Group, Repeating group). They do have some nice additions like the Workflow editor – I really wish this was available in Bubble!

They also have the ability to visualize your table relationships.

I did run into some bugs while testing it out, not sure I would call it Beta, probably more Alpha. I think this is where the Bubble team is much better than others. The features they release typically work really well without major issues and I’d be hard pressed to leave them for a competitor – even if they have some additional improvements on what the Bubble team has built thus far.

Wow’s its almost like they ripped the ui on the left right from bubble.is

There are a lot of things that seem directly lifted, but there are also a number of things that feel like significant improvements. It’s pretty janky at this point, but some of the decisions they’ve made (like being able to host on your own infrastructure, and how you can anchor elements to other elements) are pretty nice quality-of-life upgrades.

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I suspect it will be a while before the platform reaches the level of maturity and stability as Bubble…unless of course they get an infusion of capital from inventors or something.