Bubble complete clone [NEW Template] I got a prize from Makerpad bubble-challenge competition

I got a prize from Makerpad bubble-challenge competition!!

Hello bubble friends!

I took part in bubble-challenge competition which is held by Makerpad (https://www.makerpad.co/challenges/bubble-challenge)

What I was trying to win the competition is DEVELOPING COMPLETE BUBBLE CLONE.

In the clone app, you can experience following activity.

  1. Creating new apps
  2. Accessing complete clone editor page
  3. Adding(/removing) new pages
  4. Adding new elements
  5. Editing elements’ text, color, position…
  6. Building database based on the each app
  7. Previewing

Please do not be confused which you are seeing in the screen, the real bubble, or bubbly😆

:tada::tada::tada: [SPECIAL OFFER!] :tada::tada::tada:

I got the prize, and I submitted it to marketplace as a template!!!

Everyone can see the editor to learn how I build complete clone with 30% off coupon !!!

The coupon code is “NOCODER” . This coupon will be expired on the end of this month ! and max use is only 100 users :grinning:
Do not miss it !

Through this challenge, I really feel the limitless probability of our bubble!

The purpose of my work is proving that bubble is super high sophisticated and can be expected nocode platform.

I am very happy if you learn bubble technique with my complete clone.

You can customize to build educational materials which is alternative to the original tutorials.

I am looking forward to your lots of reviews :star::star::star::star::star:

Thank you.


Wow! … How the heck long did it take you to do this? :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your comment!
I build whole of the app within around 13 hours :grin:

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I tried it and is really mind-blowing. Creating a no code web editor, using a no code web editor😂. For the template you have uploaded, what could be a practical use for someone?

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Amazing work, hope you had fun!

This got me laughing :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you !
I want to make tutorials for japanese language bubble begginers on the virtual editor


You can enjoy if you click “Workflow tree”.

Now I see.

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i really wish i knew about this haha. i’ve been working on a full website builder inside bubble. and it would have been perfect for this challege

great job by the way

Thank you for your review!
I’m happy to hear that you enjoy it!

Dear Keitaro,

great work! Was clicking through Bubbly, but I fear the preview option is not clickable by me. Is something broken or is it just me?

Looking forward,

Thank you for creating apps in bubble clone.
The total value is now more than 50 !!!

I decided to down price to $50 so that more and more bubbler have fun to see the editor.
If you haven’t play with bubble clone - bubbly -, please come to the demo and create your own apps in the bubble clone!

Hey Keitaro, I just discovered your template and it does look super impressive.
Before I decide to go for it, do you confirm the whole editor (= drag & drop feature, with editing options) was built with Bubble and not with .js ? Do you think that could include video or audio elements ? Or does it require processing that Bubble does not provide ? THX !

Thank you Solitwin for your comment!
The editor page and those elements are made from Drag and Drop element.
There is no “code” in this template.

I hope you enjoy my template!

Thank you Keitaro !

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