Bubble connection with Navision Dynamics possible?

Is there a way to make a connection to send data to Navision and vice versa?

Thanks a lot for your advise


I suppose Navision has an API available. Then you can try the Bubble API connector plugin.

Thanks, I will have a look at the plugin!

Hi Marco,

Im been looking at this as well.
did you get to work?thanks

Hi magnus

Sorry, still waiting for help for this…


Hi Marco,
i was able connect to the navision via their API and recive data. I have not yet added post capabilities.

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Hi Magnus,

that sounds very good!
could you please show me how? (via personal message?)

thanks a lot!


Hi Marco,

there is add on to Dynamic which provides a webservice feature. Needed some smal adjustments but it was pretty straight forward. Ill see what I can dig up.

That would be great @magnus.kanholt!