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Bubble crashes and Google API expressions are now unavailable for no reason?

I was just notified by a few users that they are not able to login. No changes made to the app whatsoever, the issues to fix count at the top right keeps jumping from 8 to 12 randomly.
Clicking on the “issues to fix” reloads the app on the first try. After the editor reloads for no reason looking at the error “Dynamic data in text boxes must be printable as text, but instead this is a non-text expression” it seems that none of the Google (Auth API) options are available to Bubble app now. Selecting Current User’s Google … gives zero options in Bubble (this used to be Current User Google EMAIL).

same here

not the same logic but same here; i can’t use any expressions on the editor. I thought I did something wrong but good to know that it is a widely spread issue across the users at the moment


Same problem

same F

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