Bubble created test as lead generator

Hi all,

Yesterday, I heard about Bubble from a friend of mine. I really like your vision and I think Bubble might be the best way to create a test that I want to use on my website.

The goal of the test:
My business vision is that you have to have certain things in order before you can create high-quality content for the web: having a clear vision, a clear strategy, some insights about your ideal customer etc.

Therefore, I want to make a test with which my website visitors can quickly test how well they score on these different categories, so they have:

1) better insight on what categories need the most improvement
2) know what category is their ideal starting point

After someone completed the test, I would ideally show/send him a customised report with tips depending on his scores in the different categories.

Practical implementation:
My view now is that it would be ideal to embed this test within my website, so visitors don’t have to leave the page and I can track traffic. Please let me know if you consider other options more relevant.
After completing the test I would Ideally send them a customised report via email. I think a PDF would be a great option, but other suggestions are welcome too.

I want to use 4 categories with +/- 5 questions per category.

If it would work like this, I would be very happy: https://scorecard.keypersonofinfluence.com/

Bigger picture:
I think a test like this makes a lot of business sense in many industries. A health practitioner could make a test with categories like food/exercise/supplements, a business coach on goals/finances/personality etc.


  1. Is a template for a test like this already available?
  2. If not 1, Do you have any tips on how to create a high-quality test in Bubble without spending more than 2-3 days?
  3. If you think Bubble is a cumbersome solution for this specific goal, I would love to hear your honest opinion and/or suggestion for a more effective solution.

Thanks for sharing any ideas and experiences. I just registered today, so I’m quite new to the topic :slight_smile:

Hey @raoul1, welcome to Bubble!

Let me start by saying I’m a HUGE Bubble fan and make my living using it. However, I’m not a proponent of rebuilding the wheel per se.

What you want to do can certainly be done in Bubble. Probably not well in 2-3 days as a brand new user.

But I’m not sure why you would when you have other no code options like Typeform, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, Gravity Forms (if you are on Wordpress), etc that are built for the specific use case you are presenting.

That said, if you want to build it in Bubble, by all means dig in and start Bubbling! We have a ton of fun around here :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome @eli !

I’ve tried using Typeform. In my experience, that tool does a great job gathering basic information and can even be used for making a basic test. It would be possible indeed to make a 20 question test and give respondents an overall score based on their 20 answers. For instance: your total score is 7/20.

Yet, unfortunately, the tool lacks the functionality to divide the test into different categories on which respondents can get different scores. For instance: your score on part 1 is 2/4 and your score on part 2 is 0/4. Also, it lacks the functionality of sending a customised report to the respondent after completing the questionnaire. This was confirmed in a Skype call I had with them last week about prototypes they’re working on.

If the other tools you mention offer these functionalities, I totally agree with your philosophy of spending time on other things than reinventing wheels :+1:

I would have to do some proper research, but I’m afraid most tools lack that functionality. The only possibility I then see, if Bubble is going to take more than 3 days, is to use a tool like Integromat (never used) or Zapier (used once) to perform automated activities like ‘use first 4 answers to show score for category 1’ , ‘embed that score in position X in PDF Y’ etc.

Yet, I feel like this might be a time-consuming task plus I’m a bit afraid that I’m then creating something by combining things which are made for different goals. Resulting in high chance of errors and a big likelihood of creating a PDF that doesn’t look that professional in the end.

What’s your thought on this?

Hi @raoul1

Have you looked at all Bubble models? Maybe there is in one that will meet your needs or at least start from there.

Otherwise, the proposed type of project seems to be relatively easy under Bubble. Welcome to Bubble too!

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