Bubble CSV importer needs some work!

I have now been spending two hours trying to import a CSV table with 753 rows. Getting there slowly, but the importer in Bubble is not helping.

Here’s how it is working now.
I select Upload in Bubble, select the file. Map the fields (12 of them with subfields).
Click Validate, get an error
Fix the error
Have to refresh Bubble for the Uploader to Validate again!!!
reselect Upload
Reselect the file
Remap ALL the fields
Re-validate, only to get another error a few rows later
Do it all again

After te 50th time this gets VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

And then there are still 10 tables to go…

Can you please at least allow the validator to run through and show all the errors in one go?
and not have to refresh the browser to get the validation to work?

This would be awesome

Experienced the exact same thing today! Its really anoying to need to refresh the page just to revalidate.

Also there is an apparent confusion. When bubble tells you which row the error is, it includes the header as the first row. No biggie, but it is confusing since Bubble does recognize the header row as something different and had me searching for the error on the wrong row.

I have just uploaded a new table with the new and improved uploader and all I can say is WOW! So much better. Thank you Bubble for taking complaints seriously!