Bubble custom dates nomenclature

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I have a problem with the nomenclature of dates in Bubble.

I have a chart that varies according to bubble needs. That is, the user can decide if he wants to see the data in months, quarters, semesters or years.

However, I don’t know which is the correct nomenclature in Bubble. That is, for the quarter I have set group by: custom date “Q”. When I do this I get number 1,2,3 or 4. However, I need it to be quarter 1, quarter etc…

In the case of the semester I don’t even know what is the correct nomenclature in the custom dates.

Can you help me?

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Hi, do you mean how to change the label so it reads as Quarter 1, instead of 1?

Most chart plugin options should give you the option to customise the label, can you confirm what you’re using to display the charts and a screenshot of the configuration?

Hi there! Thank you for your answer.

So I basically use the formated as: function

  1. If Quarter is “Q”, what is semester?
  2. How can I make it "Quarter 1, 2 etc…?

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Re point 1, I believe you would need to manually define your specific semesters, since they aren’t globally agreed upon, each state / country may have different dates for semesters. There would be a few ways to do that depending on your use case, either through adding a semester field to the object or making date based filters etc.

Re point 2, depending on which charting tool you’re using it might look slightly different but they should all have the option to set the Label field like this:

Where you can combing some text like “Quarter” and a dynamic expression of the datapoint.

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