Bubble Data - Google Account

I am looking for direction on the possibility of using my bubble app sign up data to automatically create a Google account under a domain that I own.

Currently, when a user purchases a subscription and then creates an account I receive notification via email and then manually create that user a Google account under the domain that I own. I am wondering if this process could be streamlined in a way that once an account is created through my bubble app one is also created for that same user in Google automatically.

Would this be possible to do? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’d need to further check but I’m positive this is not possible since domain emails in google are created manually. Plus, they have a separate bill for the emails.

Ok, thanks for checking. If it helps I would register each of the users under the same domain. They would all have the following username (example)…example@quickgamepro.com . Again, I am the administrator of the domain (@quickgamepro.com).