Bubble Debugger/ Additional Programs to see Outcome of Workflow

Hi all :slight_smile:
Today, my team has a call with Comet Chat to discuss why our API is not working properly. We showed them in the debugger that we are referencing the right users. However, in order for them to dive into the issue, they wanted to see the outcome of the workflow so that they can better understand the issue.

I just know how to show them the step-by-step process (as in the screenshot) but they asked me to show them the outcome of this workflow/ so I guess where they are able to see the success message of the API (that is sent o the page messages). Does someone of you know where I can show that to them? Is there any specific program to see which data is sent to a page on bubble?

Thanks in advance!

You can find this information in the server logs

  1. Go to Logs tab
  2. Select Server Logs tab
  3. Click “Show advanced” and make sure to check Http request/response or Plugin output options depending on what you want to see

Myself, I was get tripped up by privacy rules. Might be worthwhile making sure that is out of the picture.