Bubble Developer for Gaming Startup Needed!


We are launching a platform that allows gamers to organise and find opponents to play against each other competitively. Launching September 2020.

The platform is already built. We are seeking a developer to join the team on a part time basis to further develop and iterate the platform.


  • Minimum commitment of 8 hours a week required (with flexibility to spread hours across the week)
  • 3 month commitment required
  • Remote working
  • Opportunity to be part of the founding team
  • Role commencing in September 2020

Job specification:

  • Minimum of 1 year experience with Bubble
  • Experience in working in agile framework
  • Liaise with product Manager to agree on product roadmap
  • Develop iterations as per the product roadmap


If interested please send your CV and portfolio (links acceptable) to the following email:

@sebastiendevenir Something for you?

Thanks for thinking of me , really appreciate it. I don’t have experience with Agile, and i’m only one month into bubble. Cheers.

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