Bubble Developer Ready to Work

What’s good. I am an experienced and talented Bubble developer looking for work 20-30 hours per week. For the past year, I have been building out a highly ambitious and multifaceted, two-sided application. This application handles event creation, user interaction, dynamic content updates, and customization features such as collapsible categories and channels, copying links to clipboards for global event pages, and the integration of maps and payment tiers. This project is pushing the boundaries of what no-code platforms are thought to handle. I also have great references and am very skilled in UX/UI design.

My email is jharadk@gmail.com and phone is (719)-293-4944
The username in the forum (itskemilevi) is not my name.

Hi there…can you drop a link to the projects for easy reference?

I will provide you with some images, as the project I have built requires you to create an account as either a community host or community member.

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