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RealGood Stuff Co is a fast-growing, retail food establishment located in Chicago Illinois. In the coming week, we are launching a new Bubble based web ordering platform and need support to manage it and grow our analytical backdrop . We are seeking a Bubble engineer to own this business unit and grow with our company.

Your work will be highly collaborative and include but not limited to the following:
• Improve the overall speed and performance of the site
• Develop analytical tools to manage KPIs
• Develop and improve ordering processes and subscription model.
• Develop marketing based tools working in close relatinship to our marketing team.
• Drive overall performance of the site in an effort to increase sales across the company
• Integrate in store point of sale system, online ordering platform and inventory management system using Bubble tech
• Improve and manage our internal Bubble based inventory platform, making it more dynamic

RealGood Stuff core focus is to build community through food. WIth a strong and growing retail footprint our intent is to build an omni channel experience both online and in store. WIth our new Bubble web aunch we believe we are one step closer to that goal. We believe in building and developing strong teams to continue to build and expand our footprint both in store and online. Our focus on integrity and brand that we’ve established at the store will continue to evolve with this role. We are looking for someone entrepreneurial that is looking to own and develop this business unit.

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This sounds like a perfect fit for a semi-local agency such as us at Afterthought System! Afterthought System is a small web development agency located in Lafayette, IN - Just merely a 120-ish miles south of you! I always judge distance by time (I think it’s a midwest thing?) so I just think of it as an hour and a half drive.

You can check out our website at: https://afterthought-system.com/

You can reach me here on Bubble by PM, or email at:

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