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Bubble Developer Required (Backend Workflow)

Hi All

After going round the houses i still can’t get my app to do what i want, so i am turning to a more advanced developer to help iron out the issues.

I have a large database of items (over 4000), for a user to go through these one by one and place an order is unrealistic. So we have worked on a set of questions that help speed up the process.
Firstly a question is broken down into a category area, it then has a question associated to it.
Step 1 - User selects required categories from repeating group list
Step 2 - Once selected they hit next and it brings back list of applicable questions for the selected categories
Step 3 - user then selects a answer for each question (From a list of possible text answers)
Step 4 - user clicks submit

This is when it should go off and do the following
A- Create a new order for the user
B- save the selected categories
C- save the list of questions along with the chosen answer
D- run a backend workflow to go through each question from above and based on the answer add this to an ordered product table (This is the part i am stuck on)
E- email user once backend workflow has been done

Example:- Question is how wide are the doors?
They then have set answers to choose from - lets say - 2000mm, 3000mm or 5000mm
Once selected this then ties back to several products associated to the question and then the answer. So user picks 2000mm then the products should be say items 1 to 5, if 3000mm then items 6-9 etc.

The aim here is for the users to fill in as little information as possible to then generate out of the 4000 products the ones they need. Once done it should create an new order with all these items.

My need for a developer is around the back end workflows (or maybe a revamp of the site, if needed). We previously had this on excel and it worked well, but transitioning from excel to bubble is not as easy as i first planned.

Please PM me if your interested and have the knowledge to get this up and running, let me know if hourly rate or flat rate for project please. I can give you more of an insight to what is required once approved.


Hey @simonperks81 ! Check out this directory with Bubbe devs. There are a lot of experienced Bubble experts there who might help you.

You can just message the one you would love to hire or leave your request & get matched with a handpicked dev for your requirements in 48H :slight_smile:

If there are any questions on your side - hit me up in PMs. Will be really happy to answer and help with finding you the right person to work with on your app.

Hey Simon! You can post your project to and receive proposals from our vetted Bubble developers (who also do mentoring on our site). Feel free to post your project.

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Hi, are you feeling overwhelmed with who to partner for your project?

I was in your shoes. I painstakingly looked at 200+ bubble agencies and consolidated 700+ authentic reviews from various sources in a spreadsheet.

You can search through them all with keywords like Marketplace, SAAS, Dashboard, Mobile App etc. to find the right partner.

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Any questions, please just ask. I’ll be more than happy to help.

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