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Bubble Developer/Team Lead Full-Time position!

** Edit - 17.11 The position is still open **

Startup Nation Central, an Israeli Non-Profit, is looking for an expert in capable of complex user interface and functionality development.

The new version of our public system (Finder, A Startup - Investor Search engine) and new internal systems will leverage Bubble to its fullest potential, and many of the challenges are far from trivial.

We are looking for a developer available for a full-time position.

To apply, please describe at least two of your projects where you employed Bubble, explain your part and role in the effort, and share some of the difficult challenges and how you solved it.

(We are currently not looking to hire the services of an agency).

Anyone who would like to apply please send me your contact details to [email protected] and one of our team members will contact you.



You can pick me.

You can find my projects list there

Just Noting - The position is still Open!

hey, is this position is for a Part-time freelancer? @tomerlan5

Full time job

Hey! How do we apply?! Can you give more details about compensation you’re willing to provide to a full time employee?

Hi Jared,

Thanks for the reply.
Please send me a PM with your contact details and one of my team members will contact you with the full details :grinning:


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[email protected]
sunny verma - +91 97809 50547(Whatsapp)
Country India