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Bubble Developer with experience in API integrations needed!

Hey bubble community!
I work on a number of projects developing MVPs for myself and my close community.
I have a project that needs someone with with experience working with a range of APIs with but also competent at UI/UX and general workflows with Ideally with someone with over 2 years of experience with Needed on a freelance basis - but if it works out well, paying $1.2 - $1.5k per month to work on a range of projects on a part-time basis.

Can you send me an email to [email protected], including:

  • Years of experience with
  • List and name API integrations you have completed
  • Share links of projects you have completed, specifying what part you played in the project



My name is Aiya and I’m BDM at Swiftle, a Bubble development studio.

Ready to be your technical partner and perform your task in the most appropriate way.

We have got a team of developers, that is a much safer way than rely on only one person.

Anyway, I’d love to meet you and believe we have a wide range of topics to discuss.

In case you are interested and want to discuss in more detail, use the following link to book a call:


Kind regards,