Bubble development stalled = maturity?

Hi guys,

Have you noticed lately that feature releases have stalled?

From https://bubble.io/roadmap

2019 -> 1,8 releases/month
2018 -> 5,25 releases/month
2017 -> 9 releases/month

Is this a sign that Bubble has achieved maturity as a product?

What do you think?


I don’t think the num. of releases equates to maturity. My opinion is there’s still a ways to go.

Hopefully they’re heads down on some larger initiatives.

I meant maturity in the sense that any change that we are hoping for means a big chunk of effort.

It’s like building a house. You have a lot of margin and flexibility at the very beginning while building it, but once it’s in a state you can live in it(mature) any change means that you need to throw down walls, columns, etc. Because all the little things are already there to enjoy.

I don’t know if I make any sense tbh :smiley:

I still think there a lots of little improvements that could be made, but due to team size, at the moment, most are focusing on larger items. That or they are all at the beach enjoying some sun and pina coladas. :slight_smile:

Well @josh said recently he was on a trip…didn’t specify business. So yeah. Makes sense.

@JonL @Kfawcett Summer updates … engineering team is focused on larger projects from the roadmap. Customer Success is proactively reaching out to top clients to discuss scaling, pain points and opportunities. Josh and Emmanuel are focused on strategic goals as usual.

(:beach_umbrella: might be in the works too :slight_smile: )


It’s already summer in Ireland. Just saying… :joy:

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Thanks for the post @JonL I had a similar trail of thought the past few months.

The items on the Bubble roadmap are really top notch changes that will make a fundamental difference to the platform no doubt and obviously require a huge amount of resources to pull off. But its nice to have some small changes implemented, whether these are pulled from the communities ideas pool or just small features added in e.g. this year we saw the password strength checker.

I understand the big picture updates & improvements are always the focus moving forward and thats fair enough, but its always exciting to see the gift icon light up in the Bubble Editor (its my Bubble high and its been a while since my fix :wink:) and see whats new, however small it might impact.

As the team expands and the platform matures, hopefully there be more features rolled out more steadily. There are quite a few open positions at Bubble and as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, its great to see the platform and team expand to new levels for the no-code future. Roll on the summer!

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