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Bubble doesn't send required fields to integromat

Hey guys! I have implemented integromat and bubble, however integromat doesn’t receive the necessary fields from bubble about the thing of a given type.

So basically there are 30 fields, but integromat can get only 5, why?

The thing is “webinars”

See screenshots

Hi! I just have the exact same problem. Did you succeed in solving that?
Thanks a lot

Figured it out:

For an instant trigger,

  1. Right-click the module.
  2. Choose “Run this module only” from the context menu.
  3. If there are no queued webhooks, the module will be waiting for a new webhook to process.
  4. Generate a webhook (e.g. if the module is Slack > Listen for new events , which is watching for new channel messages in a channel, then send a message to the channel).
  5. The module should finish running.
  6. Click the “bubble” above the module to explore its full output.
  7. The mapping panel will now contain all the items that were discovered in the module’s output.

Check out the Integromat documentation for other types of triggers

I’m having this same problem, anyone care to give advice? My Bubble connection with Integromat is Run OK, just not pulling in the fields from my data type…