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Bubble down? -- Editor and apps down

Hello, some apps not working, and even can’t load the editor:

Captura de pantalla de 2020-02-03 21-59-36

Someone experiencing similar?

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Hey folks,

We’re aware and working on getting things back online! Please keep an eye on for further updates.


thanks 1 :slight_smile: the irony i just launched clients new app (after 1 year of dev) a few min before this happened :frowning:

I thinks its funny… they dont seem to agree.

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Or better yet, subscribe to updates!

Ryan popped Bubble

thats probably true ahaha

Same issue

I’m subscribed but they arrived now (after the post)

In fact I have checked status before posting and everything was green

Just for yuks, you can see it go down in my latest video I was recording.


This makes me anxious not able to work when I am in the “zone”. What do you guys do on downtime? Refresh constantly :D?

It’s not your day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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TOTES! But I’m going to continue on with my videos. Lots of interesting stuff to show! :stuck_out_tongue: Well… not immediately as statuspage keeps pinging.

Use this as an opportunity to go to and subscribe to updates (I have it set up to txt me)

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Good luck! Well I’m AFK now to get to bed at a reasonable hour (for once), so guess the downtime has done me a favour :slight_smile:

A little throwback for levity while we’re all waiting to resume our dev work…

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I appreciate the email alerts, but this is a little nuts.

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Got 15 too :smiley:

Agree with the alerts. I signed up for text messages.

Up, down, up, down, up, down …

Hello folks,

Sorry for all the alerts, and any inconveniences! The issue, as you can see, is somewhat intermittent, and our systems are constantly running automated processes to try and bring us back online.

Our engineers have let me know that we should be back up and stable for the time being, though please do let us know if you see any further downtime!

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oh, still i can do nothing :confused:

We’re down again… Just re-started editing and now I can’t save or reload editor