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Bubble down? I m having white screen on my app

My website is down, completely white screen. Any issues with bubble now?


mine too

Likewise. Both in test and production environments. WTH??

Same here

what now :smiley:

Learn coding

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me too

me too

thats a good idea :))) Shit could still happen though :smiley:

Same here. both test and production, debug mode doesn’t appear also

Looks like it’s happening on apps created from a template. My apps without a template are still working.

Ours as well totally down! WHAT THE HELL?

Hmmm, my app is not created from a template

my app is totally down!!!

Weirdly it looks like I can access free versions (like pages built to demo plugins) but I can’t load my dev or live paid version…the page just renders white.

My app was created from scratch, no template - so i’m lost

Everything is fine on my Apps, live and production.

Hard crash :sweat: :cold_sweat:

I’ve submitted a bug on this.


my app is not on a template and it’s all white

we are still down