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Bubble down? My workflow boxes are unresponsive

I think I’m experiencing something related. I can’t seem to create new workflows.

Everything down for me.

Maybe change the category to “Bug”?

It’s wierd that never shows an issue, yet I experience small outtages quite frequently.

It’s killing me right now… I have a deadline to meet today.

All of AWS S3 East is down, bringing down Bubble apps and many major companies.


@emmanuel is there any way to customize the “Your browser was unable to load your Bubble application data. Please modify the app and try again.” error when AWS goes down?

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Thanks for sharing the news with us!

from Amazon.

That was me. My bad.


Yes I’m having issues

Damnit, @scottb50 - we’re all losing millions of dollars each second here :wink:

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Seems to be a major infrastructure outage – a bunch of companies(not just us) are affected. Looking into the details / seeing what specifically is broken now…

Okay, it’s just storage (AWS s3) that’s down – you can track progress here:

That breaks among other things:

-Uploading and downloading files
-Loading plugins

Broken plugins could take a lot of things down…

A lot of the google plugins are likely affected. One for sure is the Material Icon plugin

There were a lot of plugs, and I needed to charge my cell.

That’s a bit tricky because we need this not to rely on app storage (since this shows up when storage cannot be reached). We’l think about different messages though.

Now, I’m noticing that any changes inside of the editor are not saving. Status remains in an infinite “Saving…”

Maybe just a generic “This website cannot be reached, please try again later” (no Bubble application reference)

…And maybe a friendly game of Pac Man to pass the time, like the old MySpace


When these type of outages happen, are our changes being stored somehow that will ultimately sync when connection is back up? Or is there no point doing work when outages like this occur?