Bubble down? pages are not loading (LIVE mode)

anyone else experiencing?

looks like bubble’s landing page down as well. but I see no reported issue on status page


We believe we are also down on a dedicated instance as well. Investigating it on our end, but whatever is happening appears to be system-wide, not just on the main cluster.

Down for me on main cluster:
Bubble Status - Issues with Main Bubble Cluster

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Over the last 7 days, three bubble cluster outages!

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It is working again (at least for me)

In my case, I’m not working yet

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For me it still doesn’t work

Back up for me.

Ish. Things still loading super slow.

Now it’s working

Ours are up but running incredibly slow.

Still down. Can’t even access our dashboard and editor in Bubble (Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code)

Edit: Just started working on my end (10:05am PST)

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Also experiencing issues with our live app.

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Ours are doing this now as well. I’m still getting timed out in the editor randomly, and our live site is very very slow for me, but this appears to be somehow localized because we have users reporting no issues. That, topped with the fact that this is affecting us in Dedicated, makes me believe this is somehow a Cloudflare or AWS-related issue, and not purely on Bubble.

slow and keep losing connection.

still down. our app is not loading at all.

Edit: seems to be working now

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I noticed the homepage down 10 minutes ago.

All systems seem fine now!

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