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Dear all, I’d like to resume suggestion #77 from @gsantoro (i.e. Repeating Groups not updating when resuming the app from idle) as this is causing me several problems and I’m puzzled that few bubblers raised this topic so far. It looks like a huge problem to me.

I have a Bubble app wrapped both for iOS and Android with the great “Native apps (bdk)”.
User A can send a message to user B. The latter receives a push notification and opens the app but in 50% of the cases he doesn’t find the new message because a RG didn’t update. I was reassured that this is not due to the wrapping.

I tried several workarounds (*) but none worked and I had to end up forcing a refresh of the entire page which is a horrible UX. What more, it doesn’t even work in 100% of the times.

I believe the feature should be made of 2 new pieces:

  1. WHEN page is back from idle (this should be an event built in Bubble, there’s no point having to rely to third parties’ plugins regardless how good they are)
  2. THEN refresh RG[x]


(*) I’m sharing here below the workarounds I tried as they might be useful to other Bubblers.

Each time user A sends a message to user B, I store under the latter a Last Event Date.
In addition, I store under the user a Last Refresh Date at each page load.
I also installed “UX Tools (BDK)“ and I’m using “When a Screendetect A wakes up” to spot when the app is resumed from idle.
I then created a WF that triggers when:
a) the app is resumed and
b) Last Event Date > Last refresh Date.

Of course I first tried “Go to page [same page]”. It didn’t work (the RG[x] did not update) . I also tried only with condition a)

I then tried to set my RG[x] with an empty data source and used “Display list in a repeating group” when condition a) was true. It didn’t work. I also tried to set invisible RG[x], display list, set RG[x] back to visible as suggested in Bubble’s documentation. It didn’t work.

I ended up firing a “Refresh the page” when a) and b) are true which is a horrible UX. What more, it doesn’t even work 100% of the times (i.e. the page does not refresh) and I also had to add an ugly refresh button in the UI (I can’t use the “pull to refresh” plugin as it messes up with the chat in my app) .

If others Bubblers can suggest a better workaround, I would be more than grateful. Thx

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