Bubble editor Interface

I recently tried a suggestion to help speed up the editor interface (it’s soooo slow sometimes…oftentimes) and doing so has changed the appearance of the Bubble editor interface.

the change I made was to add “&issues_off=true” to the end of the address in the editor window. It was supposed to speed up the editor but wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. The trouble now are these garish black highlights over some of the header items. I tried setting it back to “false” but this didn’t clear things up. I’ve also restarted the browser a few times, clearing out the cache, etc.

It’s not the fact that it’s highlighted like it is but that it’s now completely distracting.

This is what it used to look like:

and here is what it looks like now…

Is anyone else having this issue? After a few weeks it’s still a great distraction…

Did you try
A) Clear browser cache?
B) In another browser or private session?
I don’t think someone want to test :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe you can start doing this to see if this is related or not. Did you also contact support?

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I’ve been using Microsoft Edge browser when this first occurred and it happened across both my PC and my MacBook which also uses MS Edge.

After trying Chrome I noticed that it did not have this issue so I began comparing the extensions between both. Although I try and keep the same extensions on both Chrome and Edge, it turns out that on Edge I had two different Video Speed Controllers. Removing them one at a time I found that the one produced by Jose Contreras was causing this problem. So much so that when I added this particular version to Chrome, it also experienced the issue.

Removed the unneeded extension and all is right again…with my browser, anyway.

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