Bubble Editor RESTARTING every 10 sec... anyone? 🔴

My Bubble editor under OS 12.x (MacBook Pro 8gig) and Safari keeps restarting. I’ve had this problem for several months now. Right now it’s between 10 and 30 seconds…

Yes I rebooted my machine, yes I put a VPN (it worked a little longer with it), yes I tried Chrome and no I can’t change my Mac for a new one right now :sweat_smile:. Can you share a solution? Investigation in progress…

Solution in progress… I’m using my cell data instead of my home wifi… every time Bubble sees a change between the two, it restarts. I will confirm this in a few minutes now… :orange_circle:

It’s sound more “a drop link” from my cell provider… :yellow_circle: very interesting…

Changed the section from NEED HELP to TIPS now. Case Closed.

I know is this NOT helpful to you, but I’m not having the same issue :smirk:

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I’ve been out for a few weeks and poor internet speed/connection is probably the main cause. I’ve just switched to a higher speed, but I think there are interruptions in the signal that are not noticeable but detected by Bubble. So everyone who has this famous problem of re-starting is probably due to this fact. :white_check_mark:

That’s why a VPN can help to keep longer the stability.


@JohnMark I thought bubble is doing updates all the time :man_facepalming:

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@viquarahmed07 I’ve been thinking about this too, especially on a Sunday when it’s ideal to make changes.

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Just wondering, are you working on a single-page app? If so, how big is it?

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Have you tried using a real computer :wink: Weird issue indeed. I hope you get it fixed.

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I didn’t know about this
Thanks :+1:

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