Bubble Editor - TH Agent Helper

I am trying to get the selection from a dropdown (attached to an option set) to populate dynamically in an input field and I don’t know how to do it. the input field would be an attribute associated with the option set value(?)

This is an edit - i didn’t mean to send the question through initially. Sorry about that


Yeah. Sorry. I got caught up doing something else and did not intend to submit that question at the time

Ah okay.

Make sure you editor permissions are set to ‘everyone can view’ if you’re trying to allow others to access and provide assistance.

Thank you. Did that. Oh the things left to learn.

It’s never ending! :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you referring to the input next to the dropdown? If so, change it from using your placeholder, to the initial content.

So I moved that placeholder line to the initial content, exactly as is, and it doesn’t change. is it something with the state?

Ah, cause it’s referencing the parent group. Change it to the dropdowns value.