Bubble editor's instability is really annoying

These days, Bubble editor keeps annoying me for its bugs. The bugs I am experiencing most frequently are:

  1. workflows events becomes irresponsive for a while - I click and nothing happens.
  2. worflows action dropdowns are irresponsive forcing me to refresh the page. - very often.
  3. custom states setting - value input is clicked, it disappears.
    and many more.

Are these things occuring only to me or others as well?

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Nope, it’s affecting me too. Truly just annoying :unamused:

It’s incredibly annoying and happens every once in a while for me. I did send bug reports but neither i nor support could replicate. I only ever run one instance of Bubble but it happens regardless.

Fortunately it’s less prevalent (at least for me) now and all it takes is a refresh which i have come to make a habit of for a long time.

From what i can gather of responses from support, we’ll have some interesting updates in June.

Yep its starting to mount up and compromise the product, the overall app experience. Really hope its addressed in the coming days/weeks, really needs some attention from the engineering squad.

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