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Bubble expert (using BDK) to audit and complete app

Hello expert!

We are creating a reusable cups program for coffee shops that will significantly reduce cup waste and increase customer loyalty with a rewards app - built with bubble!

How It Works
We will provide reusable cups (each with a unique QR code) and a return bin to our pilot coffee shop in Denver. When customers take a cup, they will scan the QR code on the cup, download our app, and use the app to earn rewards for each cup they scan and return.

Note: We are using the BDK plugin to create native apps for both iOS and Android.

Completing an Existing Project
We hired a bubble developer previously for this project but he completed 80-90% and then went silent (frustrating), so I need to hire a new expert to build on the existing app framework and to bring the project to completion. I will provide you documentation, flowcharts, and my own audit of the remaining work.

Project Details & Completion Notes
The first thing I want you to do is audit the remaining work and current app, but this is a high level summary of the key pieces:

  • Database design - seemingly done, but might need some re-work depending on your suggestions
  • Rewards dashboard - mostly done but certain logic is not yet working as expected
  • QR scanning - implemented and working
  • An eco-impact tracker - mostly done but needs some simple math applied
  • An admin section for updating cups as returned, cleaned, and delivered - done

Scope and Payment
We’re willing to pay a competitive price for this work. After we talk first, and if we choose to work together, let’s agree on a fixed price for you to audit our existing app and documentation and document your own view of the gaps in completing it, and a fixed price for the completing the work.


  • Are an expert at Bubble (include examples in your DM)
  • Have built native apps with Bubble’s BDK plugin (include examples in your DM)
  • Have experience with database design and deep linking
  • Are communicative
  • Are willing to teach us about the app structure so we understand it when you are done.

Please DM me the examples above and your hourly rate. Assume this job will require 40-60 hours (we’ll start with that assumption).

We look forward to working with you!
-James & Derek

@jimbo.rector Hi James, would be interested in working with bubble agency?

Hi MM, I don’t think we’re looking for an agency here, but thank you for your message. I’ll let you know if we change our mind.

Dear @jimbo.rector

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

Best regards,


[email protected]


Hello Alexander, I’m trying to hire a BDK plugins expert. I would like to hire someone to make some improvements to my bubble web app and wrap it into a native app for android and ios, using BDK.