Bubble Flexible Auto-Scale Server Capacity

Since Bubble is already hosted in Amazon, why does not implement an optional function that allows our apps to add or remove capacity units automatically according to current app’s usage on the server?

Amazon counts with something called “EC2 Auto-Scale”, which I believe the ‘E’ stands for elastic, and that is precisely what is need in my case, and probably on many more of the Bubble community. Could Bubble somehow just use/transfer the periodical AWS calculation to the app (of course, including Bubble’s premium on top of it)?

In my recent example, I created a really simple app that allows users to vote https://vota2019.com for a specific candidate. That’s all, they don’t share, interact, or even upload anything else. In a given day receives between 8k to 18k users. It has been equally really slow on personal plan, professional and now professional with 10 extra units so far, which frustrate my users permanently.

It just seems a bit complicated to play continuously the game of adding units and not broke the bank for a simple non-complex app. Specially since the app’s traffic only comes on daylight time, making unnecessary such extra-fixed capacity.

@emmanuel / @neerja / @josh Is there anything similar coming on Bubble’s near future plans?

Is this idea too crazy or acceptable for others here?

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Makes sense.

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This would definitely be a great tool on our hands, to optionally allow the app to use up to X units of capacity and charge it pro-rate. I just have no idea how feasible this is for the foreseeable future.

However something this big would have to be weighed by the company, since it may have other impacts we can’t anticipate from outside… like “not knowing what we’re asking” and then being trapped by an evil genius.

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