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Bubble for a native app

Hey there,

My question is: If my app needs to be a native app from the start, is it advisable to use Bubble from the start or look for a no-code platform which supports native apps from the beginning?

I am really convinced from bubble and want to use it very badly. But the fact, that it doesn’t support native apps (you have to wrap it afterwards) makes me ponder.

I would love to hear your thoughts on that.

Is the extra work of wrapping worthwhile considering bubbles functionalities, or is it better to use another platform (if yes, any suggestions?) if there needs to be a native app from the start?

Thanks in advance!

I am using a BDK wrap in my app… It’s very good but here are my considerations:
The only cons I’ve come across:

  1. It will only work online.
  2. you won’t be able to access full screen on youtube players in android (because of the way it’s built)
  3. you won’t be able to record audio with html elements (only using native recorder)


  1. it’s very easy and fast to deal with it (I don’t know anything about programming, so it would be impossible without it)
  2. whenever you update your bubble, it will update without the need of the user updating in store
  3. you have support from @gaurav, he really helps when you’re in need
  4. you have a bunch of integrated plugins
  5. you still have some native features

I don’t regret working with this wrapping, but you should see what’s better to you, I don’t know about the other plataforms

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Bubble is the leader in NoCode as it has many more features than any competitor. I would build on Bubble, and when they put out a feature for Native Apps you will be ready for it. My expectations are that as Bubble deploys their resources, they will make leap and bound improvements to existing features and functions, while at the same time adding in a lot of other features, one of which likely would be native app out the box as it could be considered one of the drawbacks of the platform at the moment that causes them to lose out on potential users.

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Hi and welcome to Bubble.

I’m using free Jasonelle for years now. Highly suggest. Do you home work, and create a very light app in Bubble, using as much BackEnd Workflows.

Link : 2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:

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