Bubble Forum's Bookmarks "daily limit" and "likes"

  1. Can limit on bookmarks I add be increased? It appears to be about 15 bookmarks/day, then you have to wait 24 hours before adding more bookmarked posts.

  2. Can bookmark icon be removed from “…”/more menu to save-a-click? It’s the only item there.

  3. Consider changing “like”/:heart: to “helpful”/:clap::raised_hands::muscle::star::fire::boom: or something of the sort?

When I surf through forum posts looking for an answer to a specific question, I inevitably end up spending 5-10x as much time reading posts on other topics that I’m pretty sure I will be helpful in the future (a sign of a valuable forum!) Problem is that I’m limited to only adding about 15 bookmarks per day. Maybe there is a reason for this, but I can’t figure out why that would be. There is no limit to the number of likes you can give per day but functionally they seem equivalent.

As to the placement of the bookmark icon, I didn’t even realize it was there under the “…” at the bottom of each post. I was using “likes” to flag posts for future reference.

Which begs the final question: is the like/heart weird for anyone else? @NigelG, @romanmg, @jarrad all the hearts I’ve been throwing at you really mean that I find your posts helpful, insightful, and valuable. If that’s how everyone interprets it, carry on, maybe I’m out of touch, just feels a little too instagramish, unless we all start commenting ily:two_hearts: to everything…

I increased the number of bookmarks a day from 20 to 40, not sure how much control we have on the likes versus other icons to be honest…

Thank you for the prompt action, the limit was the most important issue!

Happy you’ve been finding the forum so useful! Just my quick 2 cents: I tend to “heart” something when:

  1. I agree with someone
  2. I found someone’s post/comment useful
  3. I want to bring more attention to someone’s post/comment by supporting whatever is being said
  4. Someone makes me laugh
  5. I want to acknowledge someone’s reply without having to actually post a reply if there isn’t really more to say (ie saves me from having to post “cool” or “ok great” or “thanks”)