Bubble Founders Interviewed on Mixergy

@Emmanuel Interviewed on the Mixergy podcast:


Excellent!! I love Mixergy. I love Bubble. That’s a great combo. I’m eager to listen to it.

@tompowell are you a Mixergy fan also?

This is my favorite quote from the interview:

Emmanuel: Recently, Tim Cook was in France and saying that people should learn code instead of English. Hearing that from someone whose company was started with Macintosh, which was precisely about going from like a command line to icons and an interface, I found that actually very surprising, personally. So I think those big companies have given up on that idea a little bit and now startups are starting again. That’s us. There are a few people that started after us. So we’re part of like the new wave. You’re right. It’s not a new idea. The only thing is it hasn’t been achieved yet because we’re still teaching coding school.

For the past few months i’ve been debating with people about this whole idea of teaching k12 kids how to code. I strongly believe we should rather be teaching computational thinking in schools.

It is 2018, why are humans still talking to computers in their language (code), computers should instead be able to understand our language.


As a teacher, I completely agree with this. Teaching coding as a language does no good when it is the thinking behind the logic that is the human value proposition. Bubble is well on the way to becoming one of those tools and I am looking forward to the days that I am working with kids on creating solutions to problems consistently.


I need @emmanuel’s Tee-Shirt. That is so cool :slight_smile:




It was a great conversation.

Even Zeroqode (@levon) got a mention during the interview (around 52:00 ).

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It’s super inspiring to learn about Bubble’s origin story and evolution! Thanks for being so candid in the interview @emmanuel


oh that moment of glory :slight_smile:

Fantastic to listen to! Fills me full of confidence.

@emmanuel I agree you do not need investment to scale and grow. Just get the basics right first. It’s very rare to hear that nowadays!

Well done!


Yes, indeed. I’ve been listening to it for years, though I only dip in when the topic/interviewee sounds interesting.

10:50 when people ask can Bubble scale, you can refer them to this part of the interview.

~82% of the new revenue that did not come from plugins and templates, came from apps scaling.

In one year, revenue increased from $1M to close to $2M. Of the increase, $350,000 was revenue from plugins and templates.

That leads ~$450,000 increased revenue from other sources, to be accounted for.

It was mentioned that 50% of the revenue increase came from apps scaling. We could assume that the 50% represents approximately $450,000.

New Revenue: ~$900,000
Plugins/Templates revenue: $350,000
App scaling revenue: ~$450,000 (50% of $900k)
New customer revenue: ~$100,000

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Going to listen now, and glad as these are numbers which give me confidence. Building on a unique system means the system needs to prevale, otherwise: bye bye time investment.
With 2M revenue I hope Bubble is achieving some good margins as well. I understood from previous posts Bubble does not use VC money, which sounds great, but also might turn out to be a disadvantage because the company may not evolve as fast as others which do accept the investment. In the end, like most markets, only a few will survive.