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Bubble Free Plan Changes Discussion And Thoughts

This is beyond disappointing. I currently have apps on the free plan. And i spent hours building and building. I was so excited to release this tool to my community. I go to publish it / make it live. And I cant. It says free plans cant publish / go live. That’s beyond stupid. There is no point in having a free plan if you cant publish. You need to fix this ASAP or you will lose people. I dont know if i’m late to this but i dont understand the point of this. @Bubble @moderators @staff @eve @emmanuel !

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Aw, come on, @anon26152888… you know exactly what’s going on with the pricing changes. You supposedly spend so much time in the forum that you asked to be a moderator, but you missed this thread?

Heck, you were even active in a thread where Johnny linked to the pricing change thread…

Bubble doesn’t need to fix anything because nothing is broken. Come on, friend… you’re better than this.



I saw it. But i thought it was wrong.

Fixed that for ya.


I don’t understand what’s with the entitlement of folks on a free plan.


what do you mean by that?

Read the italics.

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Lol this thread made me have a laugh this morning :joy:

Nothing is free in life.


Me to lol

well at least other websites let you publish ona free plan.

Good for them, you can go to them if you want :man_shrugging:

I can tell you one thing: Bubble most likely won’t revert the changes, and I’m pretty happy with that :blush:


Yea. I dont want to change because it has the feature im looking for. If i wanna publish I will just have to go to ome old websites and restart everything on there. :frowning:

Thanks. Lol

I decided to restart one of my old apps and make it. It is kinda good but I cant change the name of it so its a bit awkward and confusing even for customers. I say if there is anyone out there with the free plan and have apps that you might not use. Conserver them for when you need it most.

This kinda make my day ngl. It made me laugh at how stupid I was. lol

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@Breeze Not stupid but indignant and you demonstrate a disloyalty to the product you so desire.

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