Bubble Freelancer NYC Based

Hey all,

Looking for a Bubble freelancer to assist with app maintenance and additional features.

The main foundation of the app has been built and we’re looking for the simplest ways to get the data we need into the app.

We really prefer if your NYC based, but we’re open to working with great, talented people that will be responsive remotely.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I’ve worked with @Nocodify think I remember him telling me he is NYC based, highly recommend did a great job with some freelance work I needed done.


I can assist you,

please reach to me at Email :- carter@cisinlabs.com
or at Skype :- live:carter_1594

Awaiting your response.

Thank you

Very Best Regards
Carter W

I’ve actually worked with @Nocodify on this project!

He definitely does great work, I but haven’t been able to reach him recently. I’m just planning ahead for a worst case scenario once we get our first users on-boarded.

I appreciate the suggestion!