Bubble freezes and crashes, bug? infinite loop? nuclear reactor meltdown?

It’s very very weird what’s happening.

Created a simple filter app, that searches a database that in my opinion is not that big, must have around 150 things inside it. Have 3 buttons that change 3 customs states when clicked that enable the repeating group to display some data. Imagine I have a button for high low and medium values. This is attached to the conditional of the repeating group. When I click 1 time on the button it works fine but when I try to click on another one bubble freezes, and my computer fans start going top speeeeeeed. Like my PC is on crack.

I fear I have accidentally entered an infinite loop or smth? but I am completely clueless as to what could cause this?

My errors: I have 3 errors, that the data source cannot refer to the same element in conditions, what could that mean?
Captura de pantalla 2024-04-02 151616

thanks in advance for everyone help

In your data source, you should instead put your Do a search (probably) original source and complete with the filtered you need.
However, be sure you need to use the filtered function and you cannot use the filter directly in do a search (and you could maybe consider user the ignore empty filter checkbox).

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