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Bubble front-end with existing back-end?

Hello, I’m building a two-sided marketplace web app in the travel sector. The challenge now is to get a simple marketable product out to the market.

We had a back-end programmer but we’re continuing without him. He managed to create the basic back-end functionality, but the front-end is not working at all. I’ve just started learning front-end web development but I’m imagining it’ll take time before I could do the coding needed for this project.

I just came across Bubble and my question is: could I build the front-end of the app in Bubble and connect it with our existing back-end (if an API would be created for that back-end)?

The other option is to build a separate product using no-code tools while searching for a new developer. In that case, we’d need the following:

  • User accounts for buyers and service providers
  • Buyers being able to filter services in different locations based on dates, group size, types of service, etc
  • Location pages with location-specific information and services linked to these locations
  • Service providers being able to list services, with photos and text descriptions
  • Custom booking flow
  • Buyers being able to request services, which the service providers can confirm
  • Buyers being able to pay for services (choosing payment method when requesting services, being charged only when confirmed)
  • Custom UI components and loading animations (e.g. skeletons)

Many thanks for any advice!

Hi @codeless and welcome to Bubble.

Yes, you can. I suggest you immediately build your app in ‘responsive’ so that you can use it with your phone or browser to access it. In addition, afterwards, you can add your app to Apple and Google Store!

Good luck with your project

Here how to create your free native app with Bubble :wink:
10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

Thanks @JohnMark for the tip. For now, it’s actually just a web app in the browser. I’ve never worked with APIs so will be doing some studying.

Would you (or anyone else) have thoughts on whether the spec I mentioned is possible to achieve just using Bubble? To add to the list, I would need an admin client for the marketplace owner to review and manage services and different kinds of content on the site.

I’ve seen some Airbnb clones etc, which makes me think that it shouldn’t be a problem – although the product is not quite like Airbnb.

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Yes, I’ll even say very easily with a good Bubble experience and database. The Bubble learning curve depends on you, but it’s worth it. From a few weeks to a few months for more complex functions. You’re not going to depend on anyone later.


Thanks @JohnMark – rolling up my sleeves.

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