Bubble & Google INP

Google is transitioning to INP core web vitals for determining the quality of websites & their load/interaction speeds.

In the current state bubble websites that are empty do not meet Google INP standards and have first time non cached load speeds of 10+ seconds on mobile.

Google has recently started sending out alerts from search console with INP issues example dropped below.

This isn’t going to effect ranking or go into full effect until March 2024 but is there any plans from the bubble team to optimize for this?


Surprised there haven’t been more comments on this. I received this as well and I’m guessing Bubble’s own internal website team is aware of this issue.

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In the past few years, there have been so many posts about issues around low Core Web Vitals score but I didn’t see anyone from Bubble commenting on those posts. I really hope bubble is working on it but I don’t see any signs. There must be something they can do to make things better. I found that even empty pages only have <10/100 score on Core Web Vitals is unacceptable. Hopefully this new push from Google motivates Bubble to solve this problem.

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They’ve done great at desktop over the years but mobile has been atrocious and mobile accounts for 60% of all traffic internet wide with some industries being well over 80%.