Bubble Got Game - Who can make the Villain?

What’s possible using the first plugin that enabled control over element position’s in bubble?

Who can add the Villain, Target or even the next level?

Editor: bubble-got-game | Bubble Editor
Live: https://bubble-got-game.bubbleapps.io
Plugin Info: MoveIt!


Love it Jarrad! That’s some good work. :slight_smile:

Would this also eventually lead to being able to change the size of elements aside from their position?

Awesome! :slight_smile:

my CSS Tools plugin already does that, but CSS Tools Pro includes all this, all of CSS Tools, a ton more features including click an element and move an element with your mouse. basically everything needed to make your own moch bubble…

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I love how you chose til illustrate this. By making a Zan-gif :smirk:

But seriously, awesome work!

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cheers, I dare you to create the opponent using your avatar! he must have at least one weapon, failing that a non genuine catch phase.

He can wreak havoc on the drums, but he mostly ends up hurting himself, unfortunately.

cut, paste and done. :metal:

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