Bubble = Great launch into "Raw Coding"


I have been an avid bubbler for almost two years now. I use bubble to rapidly prototype software product ideas to show to potential investors.

I found that after months of using bubble and its user-friendly UI, I ended up having a strong conceptual understanding of programming concepts, and the ability to design relational database structures. I found learning javascript, SQL and even HTML/CSS to be a breeze on Codeacademy!

I will still use bubble for rapid prototyping processes, but bubble gave me the “training wheels” needed to dive into more “raw” software development.

Although I suppose I wouldn’t mind staying with Bubble if the ability to develop Nativescript-like mobile apps for Android / iOS + native functionality is implemented

I thought I’d share this insight. Thanks for helping me grow as a developer and entrepreneur Bubble!!!


Dear irvinacosta2741m

Thanks for sharing your growth story.

I am experiencing something similar.

Bubble learning is encouraging me to also learn the basics of traditional front end and back end.

Would you mind sharing:

How many hours did you spend learning Bubble?

How many did you spend learning javascript, SQL and HTML/CSS on Codeacademy?

I am looking for some more inspiration from achievers like yourself!

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Bubble really helped me understand complex programming concepts. I tried learning programming head-on from scratch, and I was a complete mess. I struggled to understand basic concepts like assigning data to variables, because I never understood the practical use of these concepts. Most tutorials were very abstract and theoretical.

Now I can see the purpose of adding +1 to a number variable in order to do things like change pages etc… and apply them to app development.

I have actually just started Codeacademy very recently, so I would say roughly 10-15 hours. Although I am progressing significantly faster because of my Bubble knowledge.

I’m currently learning javascript, html, css, SQL in order to get into Ionic app development or React Native to build my On-demand SAAS app for restaurants.

I wish you luck in your future ventures too!