Bubble groups on a page

I have page called report, that has many different report groups within it. I have created a workflow where a link is generated to a user via email, to access a certain report on the page. The conditional on each report group is set to show only the report type, generated from the link.

Several of my reports groups have somehow become grouped together. So now I have several reports in a group, that should not be in a group. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to easily ungroup - groups?


Hi @swvann,

If I follow correctly, you can select the groups to be removed from the parent group, right mouse, and choose to ungroup:

The parent group will remain, but with these elements removed.


Totally overlooked this feature, THANK YOU! I would assume un-grouping the group elements, would still keep their format and data within the groups?

That’s one of those “try it and see” things. (It should.) But what you might want to do is clone the page in question first and experiment there.

(Many are the times I’ve launched into rejiggering a complex page only to quickly say, “Oh crap… I really shoulda been doing this on a copy.” :stuck_out_tongue:)

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