Bubble Hack: How to create a tile repeating group with an option to add a new item

Hi all,

I recorded a video on how you can have an “Add new” button within a repeating group, without having a fake object in the database. This is especially useful for a horizontal RG layout, like this one:



So clever. Really shows that with Bubble, there’s always a way!

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Thanks, @vlad :wink:


that looks GREAT @Lucien! Also you’re missing Elrich…


Sweet @Lucien.
Show the whole squad (Elrich, Bighead :grinning: and Jian Yang).
I guess that’s what the New Teammate button is for.

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@vlad @seanhoots

I only have the ones officially listed at http://www.piedpiper.com/

I guess Elrich sold his shares a while ago and Jian Yang is more like a competitor.

[ spoiler alert if you haven’t watched season 6 ] You’re forgetting Monica, who joined to lead the ICO efforts :wink:


According to http://www.piedpiper.com/#team, Bighead is a Majority Investor.
This dude is the most luckiest person in the history of mankind :grinning:.


Add a custom state with a list of texts to the page or the repeating group. Set the value of the custom state to a Search for [thing you want to display] [unique ID] then merge this with any other UID where you can retrieve one UID item ‘as a list’. (Experienced Bubbles are practiced in the arts of this kind of trickery.)

Then you can use the UID in the list to conditionally display the thing you want to display, or, if noting matches, a group with the alternate content.

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Hi, anyone know how to have the ‘new item’ cell at the start of the rg instead of the end?

I did this by sorting. It went straight to the top of my list.


im sorting via creation date too though, could you show an example?

Also ‘show next’ for repeating group pages doesnt work. Im going to use empty item instead.