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Where can I find instructions for using Chart Element? I want to understand each item in the properties window as user-created tutorials don’t really explain these but instead say put X in here then put Z in here. I’d like to understand what each property actually is (e.g., Type of Data, Data Source, Value Expression) beyond what they appear to be by their names.

It seems tutorials are not explaining the Why. Instead they tell you what to do. I’m hoping written documentation explains things more conceptually versus just step by step.

Any help pointing me to where I can find instructions is appreciated.

Hi @bryan.holmes :wave:
You can find it in the bubble docs…

Thank you. At the top it says “Chart.js” which is confusing since the plugin is called Chart Element. When I found this originally, I assumed it was for a plugin named “Chart.js”

Also, and not your fault, but the explanations aren’t that helpful as they contradict the actual way the properties are used. For example, “Type of Data” will change to “Grouping” if you group something from your source table. However, the instruction for Type of data says “Define the type of the list of things this chart will display. The type must have a field that is a number.”

This isn’t true.

I’d like something that actually explains things in detail versus something so simple.

I share this in case someone at bubble reads this.

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