Forum Academy Marketplace Showcase Pricing Features Dark Mode UI (CSS Redesign)

Any idea of why I follow the steps but it doesn’t “immediately change the css styles of my page”?
I am using Chrome

Can you give me some more info on what’s happening? Does it eventually change the CSS style to the modified version? Screenshots of the overrides could help as well. Have you tried reloading your editor, and then going back to the inspection & sources panel to make sure everything checks out?

One possible cause that I could think of is that you have another CSS override file that was somehow created in your overrides folder, which is being given priority over the darkmode css. If that’s the case, you should just need to remove the unwanted overrides folder, then remove and re-add and/or paste and replace the darkmode folder again to trigger the overrides.

Again, hard to diagnose without more information, especially because it seems to be an isolated incident. But no doubt, there is a solution. Worst case scenario, I could try adding a priority modifier to see if I can force it to prioritize the modified version. Once we figure out what is likely to be the causal factor, I can post some easy instructions and screenshots on how to fix it.