Forum Academy Marketplace Showcase Pricing Features itself is lagging heavily

Releases | Bubble loads veeeery slowly, like a Cheshire cat. I have been considering Bubble for several projects but now would rather wait for some clarity on whether Bubble can really be used for production (

It is a superb platform, please do not ruin it by letting new kids on the block play with it online.

And if it is Amazon again, be sure to check with them on how to provide for redundancy and stability. I have never seen down so I think it is possible with the right architecture.

That loads in about a second on my phone. There have been some odd speed issues posted about today. You could be feeling that


I just wonder whether updates happen like an avalanche everywhere so that even newbie-facing cannot stand their force.

I have seen many good products be killed by changes. Remember Netscape Navigator? Hope Bubble does not go that way.

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