Bubble.io on own domain plus installed moodle instance?

Hi, I have an instance of the moodle lms installed on the domain I was to use bubble with. The issue I think I have is that the moodle instance is hosted on a separate server and accessible via a url looking like this: https://domain.co.uk/learn

If I deploy bubble, access to the above hosted on a separate server is lost.

Is there any way to avoid this, I desperately don’t want to have to move the moodle instance so want our new bubble.io and the moodle instance to co-exist on the same domain.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Not 100% sure I understand. What are you hoping a visitor would see when they navigate to your domain? Your bubble app? Or your moodle lms? Or your moodle LMS embedded into a page of your bubble app?

Hi Michael, I’d like the bubble.io app at https://domain.co.uk and then the moodle lms separately at https://domain.co.uk/learn so not actually within the bubble app. The lms is already installed on hosting company servers for my domain under the ‘/learn’ path. Then hopefully the bubble app would work on the top level domain on the same domain.

I am suspecting it may not be possible…

Thanks again

I’m no expert but can’t imagine its possible to host 2 sites on the same domain.

However, my initial idea to achieve the same result is by hosting your moodle LMS somewhere else, and then embedding it into a page (using an Iframe) on your bubble app. If you change the page title to “learn” then users would see your LMS when navigating to yourbubbleapp.co.uk/learn

I’d recommend the use of a subdomain for either your moodle lms or your Bubble app.

thanks @michael40 and @equibodyapp, I went with the subdomain in the end and that has hopefully sorted it. Greatly appreciated.

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