Bubble.io Preview does not show updates



It doesn’t matter what I do on my edit screen, none of my changes register in the preview. I deleted a couple of groups, have since rebuilt those groups and then some. Ever since the group deletions, the preview hasn’t updated. I don’t want to deploy and the version that is in the preview is deployed.

I’ve seen other questions similar to mine. I’ve refreshed the page, rebooted my browser, used a different browser. I’ve logged in and logged back in to the same project in the same browser. I have no idea what it is.

Is this a known bug?


If you are on a paid plan you are able to revert/restore to a previous version.

You can simply enter a time before you deleted the said groups which has caused this issue and see if that works.

Are you definitely viewing your /version-test environment?

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i will agree with @mac2. Are you sure you are previewing the same version you are editing?

Wow didn’t realize this was a very active forum!

@2294 Unfortunately, I’m not on the paid plan, but I’ll definitely will utilize that information once I am.

@mac2 & moutsatsosantonis Yup. Debugging using this /version-test/dashboard?debug_mode=true and then changing the debug mode to false to turn off the debugging. It displays the same in each of the modes. However, I added a group outside of the newer group and that displays, but none of the groups that I replaced shows up.

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